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Nock Out


Reality Competition


Half Hour Episodes in HD


Premieres on NBC Sports July 22, 2013



Nock Out


Pilot Episode complete. Contract for broadcast of 10 episodes on NBC Sports in Q3, '12 secured. Sponsorship opportunities still available.


This series is the best way to reach the Outdoor, Hunting, Fishing, Shooting market without showing catch or kill of wildlife. Nock Out is a competitive reality TV show that pits 12 top compound archers against each other in team and individual challenges in order to determine the best all-around archer. We will draw contestants from all types of competitive backgrounds and experience levels, including NFAA, FITA, IBO, and ASA, as well as accomplished bow hunters who don't normally compete. Each half hour episode is structured with four acts separated by three commercial breaks. Content includes an opening tease to hook the audience, an animated 3D graphic title sequences, and introduction to the cast, explanation of the game play, a variety of clever, innovative target challenges for competition, candid strategy conversations, individual confessional interviews, graphic display of team and individual scores, and a Nock Out elimination round ending with one participant terminated form the competition.

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